Agile Coaching and Training

Scrum for the team/

If you want to build awesome product teams like ours, then Scrum for the Team training is for you! Learn how to work in real Scrum and how to introduce it into your team and organisation.

Agile Coaching/

Our Agil Coaches have proved their skills during many Agile transitions. Want to learn more – just ask us about references and case studies!

Lean Consulting/

Complete processes effectiveness analysis,  step by step improvements plan, bottlenecks searching and solving root causes of problems – this is what Lean Consulting is about.

Do not wait until it will be too late!

Ask about our training, lean consulting and agile coaching services today!

Kanban for the team/

Are you aiming for shorting delivery time and optimizing the process? The Kanban for the Training will help you find the best way of working for your team and organisation.

Test-Driven Development/

The best and easiest way for fast product development. TDD Workshop – at Pragmatic Coders available in Java, Python, C#/.Net and PHP. Only real practical experience!

Test Automation Workshop/

Test automation is easy! During this 3 day workshop, we will teach your testers how to automate functional tests and provide efficient and maintainable automated feedback for your product development process.




Co-Founder, Sailor & Agilist

Wiktor is the first person you will speak to after you make a decision to start your cooperation with Pragmatic Coders.

Being Agile Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Trainer, Wiktor is focused on process improvements (Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup) and technical practices like Continuous Delivery, TDD, BDD, Emergent Architecture and Pair Programming. He is a leading coach in our Developers Leasing Training and Coaching center.

Wiktor holds communication with every member of Client-Sofware House cooperation process, from Junior Developer to Company?s CEO in order to ensure best business partnership results.

Wiktor is also well known Agile Transformation leader and change agent. He is author of ?Myths and Problems in Agile? and “Agile Transformations” books, initiator of ?Bring Your Own Problem? community.

In his spare time Wiktor sails through seas and oceans just looking for adventures.



Co-Founder at Pragmatic Coders, Calisthenics master and Biker

Former agilist, scrum master and QA engineer, Marcin is a Senior Software Developer in Pragmatic Coders. He is experienced in Clojure, Scala, Java 1.6+, Groovy, XQuery and Python.

Marcin believes that success starts from small, self-selected, self-managed and self-directed teams composed from people with extremely high technical skills delivering software on daily basis through continuous delivery.

Having knowledge of how to build a solid team and successful business model Marcin is also a Coach in our Developers Leasing Training and Coaching Center.

He is highly focused on technical practices like BDD, TDD and Test Automation. Compilation of Marcin?s skills allows to develop software that offers high-quality performance and reliability to our Clients.

In his spare time Marcin is practicing calisthenics and riding bikes.



Software Developer, Salsa dancer and Hiker

Marcin specializes in business applications development. Mainly he works in Java and Python. He is also experienced in technologies like PHP and JavaScript. Marcin possesses a vast area of expertise including Continuous Delivery, Test-Driven Development, and Domain-Driven Design.
In his career, Marcin was working as a frontend and backend applications Developer and was also doing tests automatisation. Marcin supports and performs working approach when computers deal with everyday routine work and people are occupied with ambitious and motivational issues. To share his knowledge and experience he holds workshops and training for Developers.
In his spare time, Marcin enjoys dancing salsa and climbing mountains.


Efficiency master, software craftsman and aspiring photographer.

Scrum Master by heart and a former Software Developer (still loves to code!), he uses combined experience, helping teams in the efficient delivery of the right quality products.

Piotr focuses on introducing Lean/Agile processes (XP, Scrum, Kanban), good engineering practices and patterns (CI/CD, TDD, Pair Programming, SOLID), eliminating unnecessary wasteful habits and building fun and creative workplaces. He believes investing in people, teams and communication can deliver tremendous results.

If you decide to drop by you will find him assisting Pragmatic Coders teams in their daily work.

An active volunteer in Agile communities – have helped in organizing ALE Krakow meetings and ACE 2016, 2017 conference. A regular participant of Agile Coach Camp PL.

In his spare time, he likes to travel, boost his photographer skills and experiment with new hobbies.