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Piotr Bzdega
Piotr Bzdęga
Scrum Master

“We do not work with resources but with people. I like the fact there is no fear or bias against investing in innovation and bottom-up initiatives. The company’s name is not just for show – we are Pragmatic – you find no unnecessary bulky processes here. Everyone is given freedom and autonomy as to how they realize goals.”

“I believe that many problems of the modern world can be solved through disruptive technologies combined with passion and experience. That’s what we are doing at Pragmatic Coders.”

Wiktor Zolnowski
Wiktor Żołnowski
CEO Pragmatic Coders
Izabela Lewandowska
Izabela Lewandowska
Marketing Manager

“I look for a sense of accomplishment, freedom and creative people to learn from. I found that at Pragmatic Coders.”

We are currently hiring:

Learn more about products that you may create with us:

  • Innovative Investment Platform for UK Market

    For our client (one of the biggest US/UK financial company) we are creating modern investment platform dedicated for UK market. We are working both on the solution that will be used via API by external clients as well as the end-to-end solutions that will be using our platform and serve end-users.

    It is a green-field project that we have started almost one year ago. Since platform will be used by the large number of users and will be processing huge number of transactions we are focusing on scalability, well-designed architecture (microservices), modern infrastructure (AWS), and code quality.

    Join this team as Senior Java Developer, Java Developer, Software Engineer in Test.

  • Blockchain-based, fully decentralized investement solution

    For one of our client (US-based, successfull ICO founder) we are creating fully decentralized investment solution that will distrupt modern investment world. Modern technology – Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts allow digitalization of standard investment assets. Our product will be soon adpoted by few stock exchanes in the world. Join our team as Senior Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Developer.

  • Crypto-currency exchange platform dedicated for South American Market

    Have you ever thought about solving real world’s problems by creating advanced software solutions? This project might be for you. We are working on crypto-currency exchange platform that will compete with products such as Localbitcoin.com. Our goal is to help people in countries such as Venezuela to distrupt local economy with crypto-currencies and solve financial crisis. Join our team as Senior Java Developer, Java Developer

  • Advanced International Investment Platform

    We are starting development of a new advanced investment platform that will simplify international investments and help bilions of people globally multiply their savings. High security standards, large number of transactions, integrations with various investment platforms and focus on usability – those are the challenges we are facing here. We are planning to implement here modern, server-less architecture. Join our team as Senior Java Developer, Java Developer, Frontend Developer.

  • Decentralized Licensing Solution – ICO

    We are kicking off a new project that will disrupt software licencing. The solution will be based on blockchain and Smart Contracts. If you want to join our ICO team and learn how such process looks like – this project is for you. Join this team as Senior Blockchain Developer, Senior Java Developer, Blockchain Developer

  • Decentralized Medical Research Platform – ICO

    For our client we are preparing an ICO, and building the platform that will allow collecting medical research data to the companies all over the world. The solution will be based on blockchain and Smart Contracts. Join this team as Senior Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Developer

  • Blockchain-based decentralized solar-generated energy managment platform

    The platform for solar-generated energy transfer and trading that aims for balancing electrical energy generation costs. At the end we are aiming for creating the solution that will make solar generated energy free. Join this team as Senior Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Developer, Python Developer

Meet people who you will be working with


Co-Founder, Sailor & Agilist

Wiktor is the first person you will speak to after you make a decision to start your cooperation with Pragmatic Coders.

Being Agile Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Trainer, Wiktor is focused on process improvements (Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup) and technical practices like Continuous Delivery, TDD, BDD, Emergent Architecture and Pair Programming. He is a leading coach in our Developers Leasing Training and Coaching center.

Wiktor holds communication with every member of Client-Sofware House cooperation process, from Junior Developer to Company?s CEO in order to ensure best business partnership results.

Wiktor is also well known Agile Transformation leader and change agent. He is author of ?Myths and Problems in Agile? and “Agile Transformations” books, initiator of ?Bring Your Own Problem? community.

In his spare time Wiktor sails through seas and oceans just looking for adventures.



Co-Founder at Pragmatic Coders, Calisthenics master and Biker

Former agilist, scrum master and QA engineer, Marcin is a Senior Software Developer in Pragmatic Coders. He is experienced in Clojure, Scala, Java 1.6+, Groovy, XQuery and Python.

Marcin believes that success starts from small, self-selected, self-managed and self-directed teams composed from people with extremely high technical skills delivering software on daily basis through continuous delivery.

Having knowledge of how to build a solid team and successful business model Marcin is also a Coach in our Developers Leasing Training and Coaching Center.

He is highly focused on technical practices like BDD, TDD and Test Automation. Compilation of Marcin?s skills allows to develop software that offers high-quality performance and reliability to our Clients.

In his spare time Marcin is practicing calisthenics and riding bikes.



Software Developer, Salsa dancer and Hiker

Marcin specializes in business applications development. Mainly he works in Java and Python. He is also experienced in technologies like PHP and JavaScript. Marcin possesses a vast area of expertise including Continuous Delivery, Test-Driven Development, and Domain-Driven Design.
In his career, Marcin was working as a frontend and backend applications Developer and was also doing tests automatisation. Marcin supports and performs working approach when computers deal with everyday routine work and people are occupied with ambitious and motivational issues. To share his knowledge and experience he holds workshops and training for Developers.
In his spare time, Marcin enjoys dancing salsa and climbing mountains.


Marcin Biernat, Squash Player and Hiker

Marcin is an experienced Python Developer. He has worked on the backend side on a variety of projects but he is not afraid of frontend part.

Marcin believes that understanding of business context and identifying risks on early stages are crucial when contributing value. He strives for designing cost-efficient solutions and considers future prospects and quality at the same time.

Marcin likes to automate and simplify a process as much as possible. He thinks that programming is a form of art and believes in Zen of Python.

In his spare time, Marcin plays board games, goes hiking or loses breath on a squash court.


Kamil Jaszczyński, Senior Java Developer, Runner and Survival Expert
Kamil is a Senior Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders. He has more than ten years of coding experience in software development field. He is always determined and motivated in achieving his goal. His competence areas are C / C ++, Java, JavaScript and PHP.

Kamil is not only an experienced software developer but also a certified coach and a team leader. He likes technologies connected to Java. That’s why he travels a lot to attend international conferences in this field.
Kamil considers himself not only a programmer but also an architect. He likes to create a unique system from the scratch and then to analyse its architecture.
In his spare time, Kamil likes to spend time outdoors, running in the woods. He is also interested in the methodology of manufacturing edged weapons such as knives and swords. One of his passions is the art of survival in difficult conditions.


Marketing Manager, bookworm and music lover
Izabela is a lecturer at Warsaw School of Economics, teaching marketing, social media strategies and project management. Her PhD dissertation about gamification soon will be completed. Marketing background (9 years’ experience), she worked as a consultant in the successful launching of new products and startups in Poland, US and Japan.

At Pragmatic Coders, Izabela is responsible for the company image and creating the successful marketing strategy.


Damian Midor, Java Developer, Dart player and Guitarist

Damian is a Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders. He made his first steps in programming being in high school. He has won multiple programming competitions, local and national ones. As a teenager, he has developed an interactive platform of communication between teachers and students’ parents.

Damian began his professional career as a call center system administrator. Later on, he moved to more complicated projects, his portfolio includes such projects as the development of a unique bus tickets booking system. He adores Java and C++, he is also fond of frontend development. His overall professional experience is more than 10 years. He is a real team player, he appreciates the camaraderie and cooperation in solving new challenges.

Damian is a member of a Dart Team, Małopolska Dart League. In his spare time, he plays guitar, swims and plays basketball.


Software craftsman, best practicies enthusiasts, mentor

Programming with agility software engineer, leader, mentor, father, friend. Since nine years spanning ideas required for fast and efficient software development as well as long-term product evolution. Software patterns collector, propagator of the thesis that “It’s null until it’s shipped”. Enthusiasts of TDD, BDD, DDD, RDD, CQRS, CI/CD. etc. Occasionally shares knowledge with others as a trainer or conference speaker.


Piotr Kozioł, Java Developer and Marathon Runner
Piotr is a Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders. His adventure with programming started in 2007. His coding experience includes a variety of projects – from a creation of applications for small startups to the ressurection of extensive systems with an old legacy code.
Piotr has a passion for computer games which led him to a team lead position in Indie computer games company. He has also spent few years as a tech lead in the tourism industry.
In his work Piotr introduces continuous integration and tests automation. He specializes in Java but develops his knowledge learning languages like Scala and Haskel.
In his spare time, Piotr trains hard to become an ultramarathoner. He is interested in geopolitics, geography, and history.


Java programmer since 2015
He is interested in programming (mainly in Java), music and sports.
He is an enthusiast of Domain Driven Design.
In his spare time he codes reads books, plays guitar, composes and records music.


Java Developer, Lifeguard and a Perfect Husband

Jakub is a Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders. His main specialization is backend development based on Spring Framework.
Jakub is constantly improving his skills in terms of clean code and design patterns.
Ha has chosen Java as his main coding language for its compatibility, scalability and freshness. According to Jakub – Java is a language that is forever young.
Jakub likes to look at issues from different perspectives. Ha applies this approach in his work as well in his private life.

Jakub is a professional lifeguard. In his spare time, he likes swimming, playing poker and meeting with friends. He doesn’t imagine his life without his wife.


Junior Frontend Developer, Painter and Gardener

Jacek is a Junior Frontend Developer at Pragmatic Coders. He founds satisfaction in providing great experience and usability to end users. He works with diligence on adding an aesthetic touch to user interfaces.

Jacek is learning constantly to keep up with wild west of modern Javascript environment. While learning he focuses on getting deep understanding and mastering new concepts. He likes Javascript because of its versatility, flexibility and great community built around it. Besides Javascript and node.js he’s trying to learn Java and plays with some other languages like Elixir.

In his spare time he likes to paint and does gardening. He founds it very relaxing to work in the garden growing his collection of rare plants species.


Wojciech Harzowski is a Junior Blockchain Developer in Pragmatic Coders and he puts his first steps in this technology.

He is excited about opportunities which are given by the firm. He already knows that cooperation with experienced colleagues will highly improve his personal and professional skills.

Before joining a team he worked for 2 years as Python Developer in ‘3D printing’ related business.

Wojtek believes in a pragmatic yet elastic approach to the problem.

In his spare time, he is mainly focused on socializing with friends and training Crossfit, but he also likes watching TV series and reading books.


Dima Iabluchanskyi, Senior Java Developer, Cook and Table tennis master

Dima is a Senior Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders. He’s a real fan of what he does. He is both fascinated with front-end as well as with back-end development.
Dima believes that technology can change our lives as well as any technology can be changed by us. During his almost ten years career, he had worked in different fields – from big finance companies to small creative startups.

In his spare time, Dima plays table tennis and goes hiking. He is also fond of cooking that’s why he reads a lot about international cuisines. His biggest passion in life is his family.


Adam Gaj, Senior Java Developer, Cycler and Squash Player

Adam is a Senior Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders. He has 9 years of experience working in IT industry. His main field of expertise is backend development based on Spring Framework and JEE. Nevertheless Adam can also boast with few spectacular frontend web based projects.

Adam started his adventure with programming being a teenager. He has always had a passion for building things and solving problems. He is sure that programming is the best activity which combines these two aspects.

Adam believes that constant improvement of skills and learning new IT technologies is a must to be a good programmer. That’s why he spends a lot of time extending his knowledge in this area.

In his spare time Adam enjoys playing squash and cycling. He is also a Raspberrry Pi and electronics enthusiast.


Andrii Lemdianov is a Automation QA engineer at Pragmatic Coders. He is experienced in different areas of testing, such as backend and UI parts, performance and others.

Andrii follows latest trends in testing and tries to apply best practices in everyday work. Learning something new, trying new tools to make quality of testing as much effective as possible. His favorite coding languages are Java & Groovy, as well as JavaScript and C#.

In his free time Andrii likes to play a guitar and explore new roads and looking for new impressions.


Sławek is Blockchain Developer at Pragmatic Coders. Sławek started programming professionally in 2016.

He has contributed to opensource projects. In his work, he mainly uses TypeScript and Solidity languages.

Sławek has a passion for new technologies, like distributed ledgers, cryptocurrencies. He believes that there are many exciting uses of these, which could improve the daily lives of many people.

In his spare time, Sławek is listening to music using high-quality audio equipment, snowboarding, reading tech, business articles and news.


Jakub is a Senior Software Engineer at Pragmatic Coders. He has been programming forever and comes from a solid C++ background.

In his career, Jakub was mainly working as backend developer in FinTech companies (low latency trading, risk management, cryptocurrencies), although he also enjoys full stack Web development.

At Pragmatic Coders, Jakub is responsible for developing systems using blockchain technology.

Jakub always seeks ways to reconcile perfectionism and pragmatism in order to deliver value to the business and its customers. He loves to learn and evaluate emerging technologies to see if they have value for the business.

Beyond programming, he has a passion for photography and playing guitar.


Efficiency master, software craftsman and aspiring photographer.

Scrum Master by heart and a former Software Developer (still loves to code!), he uses combined experience, helping teams in the efficient delivery of the right quality products.

Piotr focuses on introducing Lean/Agile processes (XP, Scrum, Kanban), good engineering practices and patterns (CI/CD, TDD, Pair Programming, SOLID), eliminating unnecessary wasteful habits and building fun and creative workplaces. He believes investing in people, teams and communication can deliver tremendous results.

If you decide to drop by you will find him assisting Pragmatic Coders teams in their daily work.

An active volunteer in Agile communities – have helped in organizing ALE Krakow meetings and ACE 2016, 2017 conference. A regular participant of Agile Coach Camp PL.

In his spare time, he likes to travel, boost his photographer skills and experiment with new hobbies.


Jola is a student of Psychology from Jagiellonian University. At Pragmatic Coders, she is learning QA.

That may be a strange mixture, but she has got a tricky idea to make something great from those interdisciplinary interests.

She learns from her colleagues as much as possible about IT. Within this time her goals are to improve her testing skills, analytical thinking, and work effectiveness.
She is interested in Cognitive Psychology, which she want to put upon to the work with IT ground.
In her spare time, she likes to cook cakes and share them with friends. Her other passion is the saxophone. She loves playing this instrument and listening to the saxophone jazz musicians.


Software developer, learner, software community activist


Kamil is a Senior Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders and a happy owner of the simplest bio.

Learner, JVM & open-source enthusiast, likes to share knowledge.



Olaf is a javascript developer at Pragmatic Coders. Excited about exploring new technologies and continuous improvement. 

Got his first IT job in container shipping industry as a Full Stack developer working with c# and angularjs.

Has been working with angular since its beta releases, and had the opportunity put those skills into practice building front end part of collaboration platform for the healthcare industry.

Olaf believes in learning about the domain and people using software he builds in order provide best user experience. 

Always with the best idea wins attitude, open for negative as well as positive feedback.

In his spare time, he likes to exercise at a gym and hang out with friends.


Dominik Króliczek is a Junior Java Developer in Pragmatic Coders and still studying IT at the University.

He has non-commercial experience in building server-side applications with Spring, but also client apps for Android.

Dominik treats every problem like a challenge and not afraid of new things, going to full stack Web development.


Dreaming about set up successful start-up based on his idea.

His big problem is to convince himself that ‘done is better than perfect’.

After code time Dominik plays football or snowboarding.

He spends plenty of time digging underground artists, especially electronic and rap music.

From time to time also writes some hip hop lyrics.



HR Specialist for tech companies with 6 years experience in people development and processes improvements in organizations. Flexible organizer, highly communicative and passionate about developing successful strategies for getting things done. She was studying business psychology, job guidance and talent management in tech companies.
She strongly believes that personal leadership help to grow the organizations and team cooperation.
At Pragmatic Coders, Ewa is responsible for inviting IT talents to talk about work in our projects and build HR strategy helpful to grow great company culture.

In her spare time, she likes to travel, participates in IT meetups and experiments in the kitchen making snacks for board games evenings with friends.


Paweł Kiszka is a Junior Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders and former bridge designer.

Pragmatic Coders is a place where he puts his first steps as a professional developer. Shortly after joining the team he discovered how huge opportunity to develop his personal skills he received, thanks to the cooperation with his such experienced colleagues.

Paweł is passionate Java programmer, who is improving his coding skills through constant practice. He values exploring new approaches and frameworks rather than only sticking to ones, that he already knows well.

If it is about the future, Paweł wants to focus on learning new technologies and combining them with existing knowledge, to construct solid foundations of his career.

In his spare time Paweł like to spend it with his fiancée (he prefers to call her ‘My future wife’) either on long walks through the wild nature or passionately watching new TV series. He also likes reading books, recently only work related, but in the past mainly fantasy.

Magda_image copy

Graphic Designer and Quilling Passionate

Magda is a Graphic Designer at Pragmatic Coders specialising in infographic design. Having almost ten years of experience in infographic design she has dozens of succesful creative visual solutions in her professional luggage.
Humanistic studies taught Magda to pay attention to details and artistic thinking.
Her credo is to make a unique creative design regardless of the project she works on.Design and art are Magda’s truly passions. She loves everything that’s hand-made and works hard to bring to life her childhood dream – opening of her own crazy pillows shop.
In her spare time Magda likes jogging, sewing and is fascinated by the art of paper quilling.

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