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Piotr Bzdega
Piotr Bzdęga
Scrum Master

“We do not work with resources but with people. I like the fact there is no fear or bias against investing in innovation and bottom-up initiatives. The company’s name is not just for show – we are Pragmatic – you find no unnecessary bulky processes here. Everyone is given freedom and autonomy as to how they realize goals.”

Wiktor Zolnowski
Wiktor Żołnowski
CEO Pragmatic Coders

“I believe that many problems of the modern world can be solved through disruptive technologies combined with passion and experience. That’s what we are doing at Pragmatic Coders.”

Izabela Lewandowska
Izabela Lewandowska
Marketing Manager

“I look for a sense of accomplishment, freedom and creative people to learn from. I found that at Pragmatic Coders.”

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Learn more about products that you may create with us:

  • Innovative Investment Platform for UK Market

    For our client (one of the biggest US/UK financial company) we are creating modern investment platform dedicated for UK market. We are working both on the solution that will be used via API by external clients as well as the end-to-end solutions that will be using our platform and serve end-users.

    It is a green-field project that we have started almost one year ago. Since platform will be used by the large number of users and will be processing huge number of transactions we are focusing on scalability, well-designed architecture (microservices), modern infrastructure (AWS), and code quality.

    Join this team as Senior Java Developer, Java Developer, Software Engineer in Test.

  • Blockchain-based, fully decentralized investement solution

    For one of our client (US-based, successfull ICO founder) we are creating fully decentralized investment solution that will distrupt modern investment world. Modern technology – Ethereum Blockchain and Smart Contracts allow digitalization of standard investment assets. Our product will be soon adpoted by few stock exchanes in the world. Join our team as Senior Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Developer.

  • Crypto-currency exchange platform dedicated for South American Market

    Have you ever thought about solving real world’s problems by creating advanced software solutions? This project might be for you. We are working on crypto-currency exchange platform that will compete with products such as Localbitcoin.com. Our goal is to help people in countries such as Venezuela to distrupt local economy with crypto-currencies and solve financial crisis. Join our team as Senior Java Developer, Java Developer

  • Advanced International Investment Platform

    We are starting development of a new advanced investment platform that will simplify international investments and help bilions of people globally multiply their savings. High security standards, large number of transactions, integrations with various investment platforms and focus on usability – those are the challenges we are facing here. We are planning to implement here modern, server-less architecture. Join our team as Senior Java Developer, Java Developer, Frontend Developer.

  • Decentralized Licensing Solution – ICO

    We are kicking off a new project that will disrupt software licencing. The solution will be based on blockchain and Smart Contracts. If you want to join our ICO team and learn how such process looks like – this project is for you. Join this team as Senior Blockchain Developer, Senior Java Developer, Blockchain Developer

  • Decentralized Medical Research Platform – ICO

    For our client we are preparing an ICO, and building the platform that will allow collecting medical research data to the companies all over the world. The solution will be based on blockchain and Smart Contracts. Join this team as Senior Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Developer

  • Blockchain-based decentralized solar-generated energy managment platform

    The platform for solar-generated energy transfer and trading that aims for balancing electrical energy generation costs. At the end we are aiming for creating the solution that will make solar generated energy free. Join this team as Senior Blockchain Developer, Blockchain Developer, Python Developer

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