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Georgi Georgiev

Crafty software developer, passionate cook, physical activity junkie

Been in the business for almost 5 years. Started as a JAVA developer, transitioned into full stack developer using Java, JavaScript, and Mongo. Currently mastering the Frontlines and rising into the field of Blockchain technologies.

Constantly reading and learning new technologies. Always willing to improve skills in order to solve problems more efficiently. If there is something new on the market, always wants to give it a shot and access the possibilities of implication.Not everything is hammer and nails. Different tools serve different purposes.

The strong defender of the agile manifesto. Truly believe that being flexible and having the possibility to always communicate about given thing, yields higher product value.

Apart of the technical endeavors, loves cooking and experimenting with new cuisines. Running, cycling, swimming or hiking is all I need after having a good meal.