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Kamil Jaszczyński, Senior Java Developer, Runner and Survival Expert

Kamil, Senior Java Developer, Runner and Survival Expert
Kamil is a Senior Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders. He has more than ten years of coding experience in software development field. He is always determined and motivated in achieving his goal. His competence areas are C / C ++, Java, JavaScript and PHP.

Kamil is not only an experienced software developer but also a certified coach and a team leader. He likes technologies connected to Java. That’s why he travels a lot to attend international conferences in this field.
Kamil considers himself not only a programmer but also an architect. He likes to create a unique system from the scratch and then to analyse its architecture.
In his spare time, Kamil likes to spend time outdoors, running in the woods. He is also interested in the methodology of manufacturing edged weapons such as knives and swords. One of his passions is the art of survival in difficult conditions.