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Kamil Sokołowski

Full Stack Developer, Biker and Homebrewer

Kamil Sokołowski, Full Stack Developer, Biker and Homebrewer
Kamil is a Full Stack Developer at Pragmatic Coders. His main specialization is backend development in Python. He is also experienced in frontend field, both in CSS and JavaScript (AngularJS). Longing to improve his knowledge in frontend field, Kamil is learning all the time – takes online courses and participates in offline workshops.

Kamil is passionate about theoretical Computer Science and concurrency.
His portfolio includes website development projects in PHP and ASP.NET MVC.
Kamil started coding in the backend in his early teens and since then he appreciates Python for its versatility, simplicity and “batteries included” policy.

In his spare time, Kamil rides a mountain bike and homebrews for his friends.