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Marek Kowalski

Co-Founder at Pragmatic Coders, Sport bridge master and Climber

Co-Founder at Pragmatic Coders, Sport Bridge Master and Climber

Being one of the leading Software Developers in Europe, Marek is a Senior Software Developer at Pragmatic Coders. He has 10 years of experience working with major Software Houses of Italy, Spain and USA.

Marek is also an agile and demanding coach. Under his management Pragmatic Coders team successfully collaborates with Client’s team of developers, launching new products and delivering a strong result.

Being highly technical, Marek is challenging himself every day to strengthen his skills, bring new solutions for an IT market and to gain an advantage over competitors.

For Marek Software Development starts the moment when the new idea is born, he believes that coding is an art.

Marek is professional bridge player. In his spare time he also goes climbing.