Agile & Automation Days with Pragmatic Coders

Agile & Automation Days 2015

This year’s Agile & Automation Days conference will be an interactive experience that will allow you to look at the subject of Agile and automation in many ways using practical examples. Agile Automation Days 2015 can boast with exceptional speakers: Janet Gregory, co-author of the book “Agile Testing: A Practical Guide for Testers and Agile Teams”; Alan Richardson aka “Evil Tester”, a technical testing expert, author of the book “Java for testers” or “Selenium Simplified”; Gojko Adzic – author of Specification by Example and of course Wiktor Żołnowski – Pragmatic Coders co-founder, Test Automation and Agile Testing expert.

What is Agile & Automation Days?

Agile & Automation Days is a conference in its classical meaning. And workshops. The conference aims to have a huge practical dimension. Besides presentations and accompanying panel discussions on Agile and automation, conference participants will also have an opportunity to take part in selected mini workshops.

What those workshop is about?

These year’s workshops are aimed at people who already have some experience in test automation and would like to deepen their knowledge on the subject.

One of the workshops will be leaded by awesome Pragmatic Coders team: Marcin Dziedzic, Marcin Byrdziak and Michał Chałupczak.

During the workshop you will learn how to apply Page Object Pattern to almost any software application. We will show some examples of tests written using Selenium WebDriver. But you will also find out how to apply the Page Object Pattern pattern to any type of projects (even to those that don’t share a common graphical user interface).

How do I participate?

Agile Automation Days 2015 will take place in Krakow on the 16-17th of November, 2015. So you really need to hurry up with registration! More info about Agile Automation Days 2015 event and RSVP you may find here.

And we’ll see You soon :)