Global Day of Coderetreat

Global Day of Coderetreat 2015

Global Day of Coderetreat 2015 in Krakow

During Global Day of Coderetreat more than 100 events are run all over the world by the volunteers who want to help out their local developer community. This year 112 cities from all over the world are participating in Global Day of Coderetreat 2015. Global Day of Coderetreat 2015 in Krakow is proudly powered by Pragmatic Coders.

What is the Coderetreat?

Coderetreat itself is an intensive practice event, focused on the fundamentals of software development and design. By providing the opportunity to the developers to take part in focused practice, away from the pressures of ‘getting things done’, the Coderetreat format has proven itself to be a highly effective means of skill improvement.

How does Coderetreat work?

Usually Coderetreat is a whole day long exercise in Pair Programming and TDD. Participants start early in the morning and work till dawn. Participants will have few programming sessions, each 45 minutes long and ending with a retrospective.

Remember – experience and knowledge are priceless! Plus you will receive a special T-shirt designed by Pragmatic Coders for this event :)

See you at November 14th 2015! More info about Kraków event and RSVP you may find here. More info about other events all over the world – here.