We maximize chances of entrepreneurs
to build successful products.

electronic oil trading platform for UK-based startup (London)

We developed a trading platform connecting three existing international futures exchanges (ICE, NYSE and SGX) in order to streamline trade processing and execution.

collaboration on cryptocurrency exchange for European modern financial services firm

fintech case study

cryptocurrency exchange for Swiss financial services

We integrated new blockchains to Cryptocurrency
Exchange and created dedicated wallet architecture that provides security at the highest level.
fintech case study

platform for individual and institutional investors to trade ETFs within tax wrapper accounts for UK-based corporation

We managed to setup entire innovation department as an extension of the client’s company.
fintech corporate case study

prototype of the platform for blockchain-based assets held in cold storage for European startup

In just three weeks, we’ve built a fully functional prototype of the platform to present it to potential investors.
trade platfrom case study

peer-to-peer cryptocurrency exchange for startup from Venezuela

We delivered fully operational P2P Cryptocurrency Exchange to help people in 3rd world countries fight hyperinflation.