DATE: December 2015 – February 2016

PROJECT: LinQ – A tool for the Linguistic Quality Assurance

TECH: Flask, RactiveJS, SASS, MongoDB, Heroku



LinQ (Linguistic Quality) is an app that brings translations quality assurance process into the next level. Thanks to the LinQ our client’s translation processes became way more efficient and the quality level of the translations increased drastically when overall translation time and cost decreased.

Our client has been looking for a tool that could help him optimize the medical translation quality assurance process. Beside of creating an app that solved that problem, together we have created a software product that is already used by many translators all around the world.

We have been releasing new versions of the software few times per day. Thanks to that it was possible to test the product with users and adjust the requirements according to their feedback. We have created the current version of the complete product in less than a 4 two-weeks long iterations.

The challenges were:

  • Fast pace and changes in the requirements everyday
  • Understending complex translation quality assurance process
  • Starting a startup from scratch together with our client
  • Prototyping and designing totally new solution by developing it instead of “code after design” approach

Currently, our client is working on the product marketing and sales. Increasing numbers of users generate more and more feedback that should lead us soon to the next phase of the product development.

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