CLIENT:City Tour Polska

DATE: September 2015 – Now (ongoing cooperation)

PROJECT: A platform for tourist tours management

TECH: Java 8, Spring, Spring Boot, Maven, Hibernate, PostgreSQL, Flask, RactiveJS, Python 3, JavaScript, JQuery



Discover Cracow is the biggest Krakow local tours provider with aspirations to become a global player. Local tourist trips management is a complex process that starts from scheduling trips for the next few months that need to be synchronized with hundreds of local trips providers. Next step is sales and booking management including fetching the data from thousands of sales agents and partners. Billing, invoicing and ticketing processes are the important parts of the system too. Finally, the system needs to take care of the trips organization, transport management, local guides and translators assignments etc. Such a complex process requires an extraordinary tool.

We have started from the maintenance of the legacy, almost not extendable and not a scalable system. After few weeks of investigation and few tries of rescuing it, together with our client, we made the decision of rewriting the entire solution. We managed to create the totally new product on the top of the old system by smoothly switching one responsibility from the old system to the new one at a time. Thanks to that the business does not stop for a single day. At the moment all the traffic goes through the new system.

Meanwhile we have created new tours e-commerce solution that is fully automated and integrated with the rest of the system. When building it we took into consideration all the most important SEO aspects so our client’s services are the best positioning tours on the local market.

We managed to create fully scalable and extendable complete solution for tourists industry. Current development is focused on extending process automation and integration with new platforms.

Since the new product allows client’s company to grow, we are currently growing the team working on that product. The goal is to speed up with development and conquer the global market together.

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