DATE:June 2018

PROJECT:Pregnancy risks evaluation

GOAL:MVP analysis



Efelya is an online self assessment platform created to help pregnant women evaluate risks associated with pregnancy. Thanks to the use of medical algorithms and big data analysis, Efelya, can pinpoint potential problems sooner than traditional
institutions. Key factor for the platform is to focus on prevention and early diagnosis rather than minimazation of negative effects.

Most noteworthy, due to ease of use and general accessibility, Efelya, has all the potential to raise awareness among women in 3rd world countries where medical healthcare almost does not exist.

Pragmatic Coders engaged with Nicolas Duplessis, COO of Efelya, at the early stage of MVP analysis. We helped to evaluate product idea, approach and design decisions.

Over the course of our cooperation we run number of workshops to:

  • Ensure that product idea is solid.
  • Optimize backlog of work to meet budget and timeline.
  • Estimate required effort.
  • Understand financial aspects and funding sources.
  • Understand marketing approach and key sale points behind the platform.

In order to do it correctly, Pragmatic Coders engaged into cooperation people with different backgrounds such as developers, Product Owner and board members.

See what Nicolas thinks about us.

Nicolas Duplessis

“Efelya engaged with Pragmatic Coders as part of the implementation of their MVP. Our need was around identifying a partner that would meet our criteria in terms of expertise, methodology approach, culture, trust, time to market and product understanding.

We found Pragmatic Coders’ approach to be very professional as all of their team members are Agile minded. The culture there is really embedded within the company. They live and breath Agile which means communication is transparent, fast paced and fluid.

As part of the estimation process they conducted and facilitated a Product workshop in order to identify all key features and surface areas that needed a bit more understanding. Invited to this workshop were key experts required to assess the technology stack. We worked closely with a Product Owner, a Back End developer and a Front End developer.

PC embraced the fact that we were producing the UX and UI, they were fully flexible with this approach. Based on this workshop they provided us with an estimation of expertise and time required for the development and release of the platform which perfectly met our expectations.

We found Pragmatic Coders’ approach and overall professionalism to be at the top of the pile of what can be found in Krakow.

For all of these reasons we would highly recommend Pragmatic Coders as a development partner if you are to build a solid platform.””

Nicolas Duplessis, COO at Efelya

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