CLIENT:Eldorado Hub

DATE: January 2018 – ongoing

PROJECT:Peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange

TECH:Java, Microservices, AWS, Blockchain



Eldorado Hub is a peer to peer cryptocurrency exchange that helps people fight hyperinflation and save money for their living in countries where traditional money does not have any value. It also creates jobs opportunities for people that see themselves as professional cryptocurrency exchange traders.

That is why Eldorado Hub was born – userfriendly, fast and secure P2P cryptocurrency exchange with reputation system built in.

Together with our client we went through entire process from the idea to launch. We started with a workshop to define high level goals, must to have features and nonfunctional requirements. Later on we turned it into the roadmap of short, achievable milestones followed by quick execution. Our platform of choice was AWS due to it’s scalability, Java powered Microservices due to ease of composition and ReactJS S3 hosted website. Thanks to the early setup of Continuous Delivery we released multiple times a day.

Due to the fact that our client was traveling a lot we had a Proxy Product Owner who worked with the team to make sure we haven’t lost a single day chasing pointless goals. To goal was simple, build fast and get client’s feedback, then improve.

The challenges were:

  • Fast pace and changes in the requirements
  • Understanding complex cryptocurrency exchange domain
  • Thinking about world class user security with every feature
  • Removing complexity of cryptocurrency exchange to make it simple to use by ordinary people

Currently, our client is working on the product marketing and sales. Increasing numbers of users generate more and more feedback that should lead us soon to the next phase of the product development.

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