CLIENT:Exchange Coin (EXCC)

DATE: February 2018 – ongoing

PROJECT:Proof of Work + Proof of Stake Blockchain & Decentralized Cryptocurrency exchange

TECH:Go, C++, React, Electron, AWS, Blockchain



Exchange Coin (EXCC) is a new blockchain written in Go and C++, based on Proof of Work and Proof of Stake consensus algorithms. On the top of EXCC, we build a fully decentralized cryptocurrency exchange that allows multi-blockchain transactions in a secure way.

We started by creating a new blockchain that will be sufficient enough to support decentralized exchange. Next, we performed a hard-fork and move all EXCC users to a new network. Beside the blockchain itself, we created an entire infrastructure around it: Wallets, Explorers, Mining and Staking Pools, monitoring tools etc. And everything in Agile – Incremental and Iterative way.

Based on EXCC blockchain we are currently working on the development of fully decentralized, multi-chain, trustless cryptocurrency exchange.

The challenges were:

  • Designing a blockchain that will be safe from the very first day (without enough hashing power distribution, that would prevent 51% attacks)
  • Assuring security by the highest development standards when dealing with advanced cryptography and high level of complexity in development
  • Performing hard-fork and users migration in a seamless way
  • Designing a decentralized cryptocurrency exchange, that will be: scalable, secure, trustless, non-custodial etc. at once

Currently, we are working on Decentralized Cryptocurrency Exchange implementation. The progress might be tracked here >>,

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