CLIENT:Photochain (PHT)

DATE: June 2018 – ongoing

PROJECT:Decentralized stock-photos marketplace

TECH:Java, Solidity, Ethereum, AWS, Blockchain



Photochain is a decentralized marketplace and platform for photographs offering stock photos.

Photochain is a true blockchain based business model that, for the first time, enables any contributor to have full control over licensing and trading of their digital images. Photochain taps into new markets by redefining who the content creators are and empowers them to monetize their work in a fair and efficient way.

Our main goal at Photochain project so far was delivering a working beta version of the application that could be shown to potential investors and could be used by product’s early adopters. The beta could be found here:

The challenges were:

  • Tight schedule and challenging goal
  • Creating a user-friendly application based on Ethereum Blockchain

Read more about our coopearotn with Photochain here >>

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