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We can seamlessly move your digital solution to the Cloud. Together we will tailor the migration method to your business objectives. Our experts will asses your needs and create a cloud migration strategy. Migration methods range from Lift&Shift, Rewrite to a full Digital Transformation. Read more.


Sometimes transferring legacy systems to the Cloud does not make sense, and its better to start anew. By doing so, you can accelerate innovation and agility. We can replace your monolith solution with a new one based on microservices architecture or serverless model. Read more.


Our advisors can help you to discover possibilities caused by Cloud adoption and co-create your digital strategy. Through interviews or remote workshops, we can asses your readiness, review your system architecture, or even optimize existing cloud cost. Read more.


digital transformation with the cloud
Lift & Shift – We can migrate your applications to the Cloud without code modification. This method leads to fast cloud adoption and requires fewer resources.
Rewrite – We can optimize your digital solution to function well in the Cloud. We can adjust its architecture, rewrite some components, to take advantage of cloud-native frameworks, and improve its performance.
Full Digital Transformation – We can transfer your digital solution to Cloud services and utilize the benefits of various models and practices – Serverless, Microservices, and Managed Services. Our extensive experience in creating cloud back-end systems comes for years of building fintech platforms. We pay very much attention to the security and scalability of digital solutions. We follow the best practices of lean & agile software development.
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Microservices – Our cross-functional product teams can transfer your monolith solution to independent microservices. Microservices architecture increases the replaceability of components. Thus you can seamlessly evolve your digital solution. With a scalable network of microservices, your business becomes more agile, and you can accelerate your innovation efforts. For a multi-team setup, we use The LeSS (Large Scale Scrum) Framework.
Serverless – We can transform your digital solution to benefit from the Serverless framework. The framework is compatible with most cloud providers. Thus if necessary, you can migrate your solution. Infrastructure as a Code gives you massive benefits. You don’t have to think about server maintenance, and you will pay only for consumed compute time. Your solution will auto-scale. Reduced infrastructure costs and highly available digital solutions sound like a good deal.
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5 pillars of well architected framework
Technical Advisory – Our technical advisors can help you to build or improve a Cloud-oriented architecture. Aligning cloud with business goals lays the foundation for successful digital transformation. We use the AWS Well-Architected Framework to build a secure, high-performing, resilient, and efficient infrastructure for your digital solution.
Cloud Cost Optimization – Our certified experts can investigate your infrastructure, looking for potential cost savings. Before the audit, we interview infrastructure owners to get a deeper understanding of your goals, availability, and reliability requirements. Next, we will scan your infrastructure. We usually check more than 30 points of potential cost savings, and we give you tailored recommendations. See an example of the AWS cost optimization report.
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Technical excellence is a solid basis for building great products but only combined with a proper – business-oriented mindset and extensive domain knowledge results in exceptional achievements. To ensure the high quality of our deliverables, daily our teams are using Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration practices supported by DevOps culture. Clean Code, Test-Driven Development, and Domain-Driven Design are built-in into our developers’ DNA. At Pragmatic Coders, unsupervised code changes are not achievable. We follow best development practices, so our products are robust, code maintenance is easy. Our technical leadership will use our code templates to speed up the development process, and testing frameworks to ensure superior quality. We will make your digital transformation successful. Contact us.


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Pragmatic Coders company is an APN Consulting Partner since 2016. We provide professional services for customers worldwide. We design, build, and migrate our customers’ digital products to AWS. Our experts are AWS Certified Solutions Architects.
Honesty, openness, transparency – you can expect all of that when working with our teams. We will also use all of our experience and knowledge to support you in creating your business around your product. Good partnership relations are a good foundation for future success. Your success is our success too. We will take care of the technical part of your digital transformation. Therefore, you can focus on your business.
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