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Our flagship proposition is dedicated product development team consisting of 5 to 10 people. Multidisciplinary, customer focused team led by Product Owner. They are always going for better, faster, simpler, pragmatic solutions. Continuously and proactively suggesting changes in the requirements that maximize ROI.


Teams of 10 people, available in 5-10 weeks, able to deliver value independently. Product development scaled with LeSS framework. Scrum teams, with a common goal to deliver shippable product at the end of common Sprint. Ideal setup to scale your business. Teams are led by Product Owners and supported by Servant leaders.


You can innovate your product with a hackathon. We can facilitate the whole process or we can involve our technical experts and co-create solutions with your product team. We know how to prepare and run a hackathon anywhere you like. Alternatively, we can run a Google Design Sprint with you.

Productive partnership

Teams and product owner and customer communications
Our Product Owner (PO) works closely with the client. The customer can focus on strategic objectives since PO is responsible for the delivery of the agreed scope. Items in the backlog are business-centric. PO controls priorities, but open up a direct communication line between the product team and customer. As a result, everyone understands customer objectives very well. The customer has real-time metrics about product development and monthly summaries. Once per sprint, usually every 2nd week, the customer is invited for a sprint review. Quarterly we’re going to have a strategic meeting to review the vision and discuss objectives for the next 3 months.

The product team is following the best practices of lean & agile development. Recently we won an award at World Agility Forum in category Agile Customer Service Leader.

Technical excellence

Technical excellence is a solid basis for building great products but only combined with a proper – business-oriented mindset and extensive domain knowledge results in great achievements. To assure the high quality of our products, daily our teams are using Continuous Delivery & Continuous Integration practices supported by DevOps culture. Clean Code, Test-Driven Development and Domain Driven Design are built-in into our developers’ DNA. At Pragmatic Coders, unsupervised code changes are not achievable. We follow best development practices, so our products are robust, code maintenance is easy.
Our technical leadership will use own code templates to speed up the development process, and testing frameworks to ensure superior quality. We will make your product launch successful. We deploy on the production level infrastructure that is fully scalable and resilient.

Product development kick-off

Sprints 1 to 6 visualized
Every business is different. Our product manager will meet with you to assess your expectations and find the best way to build a solid partnership. Next we’re going to have a team kick-off:

  • Introduce the whole team to your business objectives
  • Agree on the scope of work for the upcoming sprint and meetings calendar

Sprint 1 starts. At the end of sprint 1, we will have the first review with you in order to:

  • Present deliverables that are relevant for you
  • Discuss product roadmap for the first 3 months
  • Agree a plan for the second sprint
  • Do a retrospective with you, and the team

Sprints from 2 to 6 are a period of hard work aimed to go live with Minimum Viable Product (MVP) in less than 3 months. In our view, MVP is a version of the product that brings measurable value for you, e.g. enables verification of product-market fit, makes conversations with investors easier, is presentable at conferences.


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