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Junior Java Developer

Paweł is a Junior Java Developer at Pragmatic Coders and former bridge designer.

Pragmatic Coders is a place where he puts his first steps as a professional developer. Shortly after joining the team he discovered how huge opportunity to develop his personal skills he received, thanks to the cooperation with his such experienced colleagues.

Paweł is passionate Java programmer, who is improving his coding skills through constant practice. He values exploring new approaches and frameworks rather than only sticking to ones, that he already knows well.

If it is about the future, Paweł wants to focus on learning new technologies and combining them with existing knowledge, to construct solid foundations of his career.

In his spare time Paweł like to spend it with his fiancée (he prefers to call her ‘My future wife’) either on long walks through the wild nature or passionately watching new TV series. He also likes reading books, recently only work related, but in the past mainly fantasy.