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Co-Founder, Sailor & Agilist

Co-Founder, Sailor & Agilist

Wiktor is the first person you will speak to after you make a decision to start your cooperation with Pragmatic Coders.

Being Agile Coach, Mentor, Consultant and Trainer, Wiktor is focused on process improvements (Lean, Agile, Scrum, Kanban, Lean Startup) and technical practices like Continuous Delivery, TDD, BDD, Emergent Architecture and Pair Programming. He is a leading coach in our Developers Leasing Training and Coaching center.

Wiktor holds communication with every member of Client-Sofware House cooperation process, from Junior Developer to Company?s CEO in order to ensure best business partnership results.

Wiktor is also well known Agile Transformation leader and change agent. He is author of ?Myths and Problems in Agile? and “Agile Transformations” books, initiator of ?Bring Your Own Problem? community.

In his spare time Wiktor sails through seas and oceans just looking for adventures.